It is my philosophy in life that we are in this world together to help others. It’s that simple. God offers us the chance to care for each other in meaningful ways. I believe that is the essence of our existence. I want you to smile, to find joy, to feel a connection to my paintings that inspires you to hopefulness and makes your life joyful.

Since retirement from a teaching position in middle school math, I have fully immersed myself in the study of watercolor, ink, and acrylic painting techniques. It's always been a calming pleasure, and one constantly honed by art classes and a lifetime of painting. My studio in Charlottesville, VA is currently arranged for developing realistic and abstract works, current focus being on abstract form. 

Check out Bozartgallery.com, a central Virginia art group I'm involved with that showcases art (including my own) at numerous locations each year. Also find me on Etsy.com and social media (Instagram and Facebook) using the icon links below. There, you'll get information on my latest projects and exhibition events.